e-Transformation Let’s move your Company processes to the digital world with Norma


e-Transformation Services which makes managing your business easy

Complete your company's e-transformation process and manage all invoicing processes much more rapidly and easily with the support of Norma's expert consultants.

Integrated with the Company Account and Pre-Accounting

Manage all online documentation and financial transactions from a single platform in an integrated manner.

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Use Anywhere

Manage all e-invoice, online archive and e-SMM processes from your mobile device or computer

Easy setup

Complete your e-transformation with an easy setup process managed by Norma’s expert consultants



Speed ​​up invoicing and accounting processes with Norma e-Invoice solutions and increase the efficiency of your company with practical processes.

  • Ensure invoices you issue reach customers instantly, while speeding up the collection process
  • Easily issue, edit and store your invoices with Norma's user-friendly interface
  • Do away with postage, paper and printing fees in invoice processes and save on costs


Norma lets you easily cut and edit e-SMMs, send them to your customers and share them with relevant recipients from your mobile device or computer.

  • Let Norma automatically calculate the net fee you will receive and the tax amount you will pay each e-SMM you issue.
  • Instantly share your easily prepared invoices with your customers and speed up the collection processes
  • Store your e-SMMs in the Norma database, eliminating issues such as data and document loss
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You can sign all documents created in electronic format with an e-signature, which has the same legal validity as a wet signature.

  • Speed up all transactions in e-commerce
  • Preferential rates
  • Easy and rapid installation

Exclusive Permanent Privileges for the first 1,000 who join Norma

Norma has set to launch soon and make entrepreneurs and small business owners' lives much easier. Sign up to create your Norma business account and take your place on our waitlist.

  • Effortless Company Set-up
  • Free Corporate Account
  • Free Financial transactions
  • Free Pre-Accounting Services
  • Financial Advisory Services

About Norma

Norma is a "one-stop-shop" providing financing, pre-accounting, and financial advisory solutions for company owners who manage their own business. With our free corporate account, you can make money transfers, benefit from pre-accounting services like sending and collecting payments, invoicing, income-expense tracking, as well as cash flow management. Additionally, Norma gives you access to professional services, such as financial advisory, company establishment and e-transformation.

We are currently only serving businesses based in Turkey, but we are working hard to soon expand our services internationally. Please stay tuned and register your interest with us.

In order to open an account, you either need to own a company or want to start one. After adding or establishing your business with Norma, you can open your TRY, EUR and USD accounts free of charge and transfer money without paying any transaction fees.

Norma is integrated with active solution partners in banking and payment systems to provide the fastest and safest service. We are working with our licensed and credible partners who are experts in their domain to provide easy and low-cost financial solutions that you and your company need.

Unlike traditional bank accounts, banking transactions such as money transfers are free with your Norma account and opening an account is much more seamless. Additionally, you can manage your pre-accounting transactions and account activities within one platform. You also have access to financial advisory services and immediate customer service support when and if you should need that.

After downloading Norma and entering your credentials, you will be asked to declare the status of your company. On this screen, you can select the company type (Self-Employed, Sole Proprietorship) you wish to set-up and you can also request a virtual office after entering company details such as field of activity, sector, profession. Norma professionals will contact and inform you as soon as they receive your application. Your company registration will be completed in a short period of time and you can follow the whole process from wherever you are.

With Norma's experienced advisors, you can complete your e-Transformation and create your invoices from our mobile application or through a browser. You can also manage your invoices with reasonably priced invoice top-ups.