Norma Finance Carry out Free Financial Transactions with Your Business Account

Norma Finance Features

The Norma Business Account lets you easily perform and track your financial transactions from any location, without charges.

Free of charge

No need to pay extra while using Norma's financial services.


You can perform all your business transactions from any location from the web or your mobile device.


With our expert solution partner, all transactions are under guarantee.

Free Corporate Account

With Norma, you can open your corporate account free of charge and receive your payments within seconds with a Corporate IBAN, easily track your account activities and transfer money.

  • Create account instantly
  • Obtain a corporate IBAN
Norma Card

Free Norma Card

With the free Norma Card, you can carry out your payments using the contactless feature at all businesses using VISA payment and use it for your online shopping. Moreover, you can withdraw money from all ATMs in Turkey and abroad.

  • Use with VISA assurance anywhere in the world
  • Easily track your spending
  • No account charges or any extras!
Norma Card
Ücretsiz Para Transferi

Free Money Transfer

With your Norma corporate account, you can perform free money transfers (EFT) to any bank and easily manage regular money transfers with the automatic payment feature!

  • Make Money Transfers easily
  • No EP EFT or Money Transfer costs!
  • Easily manage your payments
Döviz Al Sat

Buy & Sell Currency USD/Euro/TL

With your Euro and Dollar accounts, which you can open free of charge, you can easily trade foreign currency.

  • Open accounts in TL, Dollar and Euro denominations
  • Buy & sell foreign currency 24 hours, 7 days a week
Döviz Al Sat

First 1,000 Norma users’ exclusive perks

Norma has set to launch soon and make entrepreneurs and small business owners' lives much easier. Sign up to create your Norma business account and take your place on our waitlist. 

  • Effortless Company Set-up
  • Free Corporate Account
  • Free Financial transactions
  • Free Pre-Accounting Services
  • Financial Advisory Services

About Norma

Norma is a "one-stop-shop" providing financing, pre-accounting, and financial advisory solutions for company owners who manage their own business. With our free corporate account, you can make money transfers, benefit from pre-accounting services like sending and collecting payments, invoicing, income-expense tracking, as well as cash flow management. Additionally, Norma gives you access to professional services, such as financial advisory, company establishment and e-transformation.

We are currently only serving businesses based in Turkey, but we are working hard to soon expand our services internationally. Please stay tuned and register your interest with us.

In order to open an account, you either need to own a company or want to start one. After adding or establishing your business with Norma, you can open your TRY, EUR and USD accounts free of charge and transfer money without paying any transaction fees.

Norma is integrated with active solution partners in banking and payment systems to provide the fastest and safest service. We are working with our licensed and credible partners who are experts in their domain to provide easy and low-cost financial solutions that you and your company need.

Unlike traditional bank accounts, banking transactions such as money transfers are free with your Norma account and opening an account is much more seamless. Additionally, you can manage your pre-accounting transactions and account activities within one platform. You also have access to financial advisory services and immediate customer service support when and if you should need that.

After downloading Norma and entering your credentials, you will be asked to declare the status of your company. On this screen, you can select the company type (Self-Employed, Sole Proprietorship) you wish to set-up and you can also request a virtual office after entering company details such as field of activity, sector, profession. Norma professionals will contact and inform you as soon as they receive your application. Your company registration will be completed in a short period of time and you can follow the whole process from wherever you are.

With Norma's experienced advisors, you can complete your e-Transformation and create your invoices from our mobile application or through a browser. You can also manage your invoices with reasonably priced invoice top-ups.